What The Tech?


December 10, 2022

Especially suitable for students exploring computer science as a major in college, the following series of workshops is led by an instructor who has worked at both TikTok and Amazon in a technical capacity: 1. [For students and teachers with basic understanding of python] Technical introductory Coding Workshops Note: There will be hands on coding for all 3 workshops and you will be guided by the instructor. Only internet and PC access is required. Autocomplete Have you ever wondered how auto-complete works when you are sending text messages to your friends? How is it able to retrieve frequently typed words almost immediately and display them to you? Without it, our lives will be much more inconvenient yet this is something probably many of us have used without giving much thought to it. Here in this workshop, we go through the fundamental data structure called Trie that allows auto completion to be possible. Shortest distance Gone are the days of taking out a map and marking down the distance from A to B with a pen and paper. Nowadays, we just take out our phone and search Google Maps if we want to know the quickest path to get from Point A to Point B. There must be a powerful and precise Google Map algorithm that only the smartest PHDs in the room can understand.. right? Well, no thankfully! At the end of the day, it is only a matter of nodes, edges and weights and join this workshop to develop an appreciation of the algorithm that changed our world of transport forever. Extremely fast efficient retrieval Have you ever wondered how websites can know so fast if your username or email is being taken already when doing a sign up? Especially those websites with millions of users.. What algorithm is powering the retrieval and is it always 100% accurate? Can my algorithm allow false positives if that means I can ensure a faster retrieval time? Join us to learn more about bloom filters and how it revolutionized search! ———— Suitable for all teachers, led by an educator with some development experience in both code and low/no-code 2. [Suitable for all teachers] What is tech, why should I care and how do I go about learning it? Whether it is Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), APIs (Application Programming Interfaces), Computer Vision or Webhooks - let’s try to demystify some technical concepts to understand what potential they hold In particular, we will explore how to rapidly develop a tech solution, even without code, to a problem based on what is discussed in the audience. Come with ideas (we may not have all the solutions but it is worth a shot! :))